Day on the..Space Station (2)

Swerdlove, Larry

Series: We Both Read
Penworthy Prebound Book

Learn all about living on the International Space Station. What do astronauts do all day? What is it like to always be floating? How do astronauts eat, and bathe? What is it like wearing a 300 pound space suit? How was the space station built, and how do you become an astronaut?

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Copyright: 2018
Size: 7x9
Pages: 41
Interest Grade: Grades 2-3
Classification: Nonfiction
AR: -
RC: -
Dewey: 629.44
Language: English
Penworthy Release: 02-2019
ISBN: 9781643108896
Item #: 41173
Review: Kirkus

Price: $15.96

Key words: space, astronaut, space station, summer reading, Science, Leveled Reader, Nonfiction, Review, Treasure Bay

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